These 14 Swear-Word Adult Coloring Books Make Perfect Gifts For Wives Who Need to Chill Out

Adult coloring is really relaxing. But then so is spewing out obscene language. Both are very effective at releasing anger in productive, non-violent ways.  Perfect for angry wives.

These books combine the two activities. Here’s 14 adult coloring books that bring out your wife’s inner artist and sailor.


1. Fucksicles

61I-x-GsfOL._SX385_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Most promising review by D. Rosenberg:

I stumbled upon this item and thought, “Holy $#!+, what a cool idea!” and quickly bought me a copy. But when the book arrived, I thought, “@#$@#, I have NOTHING to color it with. Luckily for me, my girlfriend is one of those creative types, so I raided her nice tidy box and had my pick of her Caran d’Ache pencils. I was doing rather well too until she came home and said, “What the #$%#$% are you doing? Those are MY pencils! What gives you the right to @#$% with the equipment for my craft?” I meekly put them back and immediately went out to buy some Crayolas, but now I have trouble staying within the lines…

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2. Release Your Anger

Release Your Anger

Most promising review by Katrina & Erick:

“Every day when I come home, I find which ever word I used most that day, and I color it. This book is great.”

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3. Memos to Shitty People

Memos to Shitty PeopleMost promising review by Ham

“…here are forty pages of pure awesome right here. This ranges everywhere from “GD MF’ing Son of a B****” to “Alright MF’er, Keep your P*ss Flaps Closed” to “Crawl back in yer bottlle, you effing drunk”. To anyone who has ever upset you, there’s probably a page in here for them.”

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4. Go F*ck Yourself, I’m Coloring

Go F*ck Yourself I'm ColoringMost promising review by Carmen VanDiest:

“Bought 5 of these for my coloring group! They loved them and got to coloring right away.”

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5. Calm the F*ck Down

Calm the F*ck DownMost promising review by MissyBissy:

“This book summarizes my life. The day it arrived in the mail, my 12 year old daughter was having a hysterical fit over the screen of her iPhone not working correctly (which was solved by restarting her phone – but not until she sobbed hysterically about her life being over for 30 minutes). I looked at her face, I looked at the book, I looked at her face again, I looked at the book again. And all was right with the world.”

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6. 50 Shades Of Bullsh*t: Dark Edition

50 Shades of BullshitMost promising review by S. Ballard: 

“There are some really fun pages in this book however there are a lot of pages with the “C” word. Too many. Should be called, 50 Shades of “C”.”

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7. I Am Sick of This S**t

I am sick of this s**tMost promising review by NapaValleyVines:

“I recently had to have a leg amputation. It’ll be 3-4 months before I’m back home. For now it’s rehab, rehab, rehab. A friend sent this to me with set of colored markers. I’ve never laughed so hard in all my life.”

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8. Make Life Your Bitch

Make Life Your BitchMost promising review by liltreeclimber:

“This coloring book (along with a chilled glass of wine!) is now my go-to stress reliever and I fully intend to “make life my bitch” – I am not going to let life make me feel so drained and stressed out. Instead – I will happily color my stresses away and smile the entire time while doing so!”

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9. Screw You, I’m Coloring

61-zliHlz4L._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Most promising review by derryfarm04:

This is my second coloring book from Alex Fleming.I like this one just as well as the first. They are a tad vulgar fr me, I am sure because I am over 49, but most people would get a good laugh.

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10. Sit the F*ck Down and Color

51gJzZo362L._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Most promising review by charlieboy:

“I bought this as a gag gift for my wife and she is obsessed. She is pregnant and needed a hobby that didnt require her to move around too much. Im surprised because I thought this would be a joke but the inside of the book is actually very pretty.”

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11. Clusterf*ck

51BR9oq87gL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Most promising review by Maegan McCrobie:

“Absolutely awesome book! This book is chalk full of the best sweary words out there! Some I hadn’t even heard before. Absolutely worth the money as it is a very large coloring book with great variety.”

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12. Chill the F*ck Out

61GubVzeZDL._SX423_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Most promising review by Marnie Bernstein:

“A perfect antidote to all the treacly adult coloring books. A great pick-me-up gift for a friend who has been down in the dumps.”

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13. Calm As F*ck

61dlZYzAgZL._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Most promising review by Jenette M Stark:

“I bought as a funny gift but it didn’t get here in time. (That’s my fault for buying last minute.) So when it was just laying around I decided to color it. Not knowing what to do with the finished pages I have started passing them out to the bad driver, or jerk that can’t park, even one really bad waiter.”

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14. I Love to F*cking Color!

61bdFdXXJ6L._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_[1]Most promising review by SammysJammys:

“If you have a lot of kids and don’t drink or do drugs this item is a must have. I LOVE to cuss and I used to swear like a sailor. Classy.. Calm down!! I obviously I can’t drop F bombs around my kids so this offers a great alternative. It is One of my go- to stress relief items. Every mom should have one.”

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Have any more swear word coloring books you like? Let us know in the comments…

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