112+ Creative Date Ideas For Cheap, Lazy, Husbands

Inside every loving husband is a cheap, lazy bastard.

Some husbands let him out more often than others. But no matter where he pops up, the lazy bastard inside can wreak havoc on even the healthiest marriages.

I’m speaking from experience here, so please don’t feel any judgement on my end.

The best husbands over-correct for the cheap, lazy bastard inside.

One of the best ways to do that is intentionally romancing your wife.

  • Buying gifts
  • Going on romantic dates
  • Talking about your feelings
  • etc.

Of course the trouble with being intentional is that you have the lazy bastard inside. Intentionality requires a lot of work.

So, what you really need (at least for now) is a way to romance your wife that doesn’t require a lot of work and/or money. You have to start somewhere small and build your resistance if you’re going to beat your inner cheap, lazy bastard.

So with that in mind, I’ve created a monster list of date ideas to help you out. We’ll start with my personal top 5 go-to’s, and then I’ll go ahead and dump the 108 date ideas on you.

Let’s start with my top 5:

5 easy date ideas

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Date Idea #1 – Board Game Night Out

Snakes and Lattes: great Toronto board gaming coffee shop
So if you’re more of a lazy bastard than the average man, you might want to keep this one at home and build up to a board game night out.


If you can hack it, here’s how this could go down:

  • You get her favorite board game
  • Take it to her favorite chill spot (probably more coffee shop than bar if you have a say)
  • Play it out in the open
  • Cool people join in
  • She suddenly sees you as they do… crazy cool guy who brought a board game to their sweet chill spot
  • You probably get laid

Date Idea #2 – Go GeoCaching

Geocaching, if you haven’t heard of it, is the world’s largest treasure hunt.

Here’s the introduction from the organization that runs it…

It’s fun, easy, and really cheap.

Start with the super easy caches around your house during the DAY TIME. I took my wife at night one time, and it was almost a date disaster. Took forever to find one and we were both showing our frustration by the end of the night.

If you want to spice things up, bring a flask of your favorite 21+ beverage. 🙂

Date Idea #3: Plan a Picnic

I don’t know why, but women love picnics. My theory is that millions of years ago, a woman who loved eating picnics survived a major population reduction event, and viola, now every woman loves picnics…

Either way, picnics can be super easy (don’t try the one in the picture without a lot of practice). Here’s all you really need:
1. Go to the grocery store with the following shopping list:

  • Potato salad
  • Finger sandwiches (you can usually get these pre-made)
  • Sparkling water
  • A rich dessert

2. Put it in a picnic basket (Very important. Only thing women like better than picnics are picnic baskets)
3. Take her to a nice park and eat it.

Everything should work out great if you’re not a total asshole.

Date Idea #4: Help Her Cook a Late Dinner (Add Nudity for Sexy Twist)

The Naked Gourmet - book cover Front

This one only works if the kids are already in bed. Make it a late night.

Here’s a meal idea I found that looks pretty good. The difference would be for you to cook it with her, potentially naked. Pretty simple so I won’t say much more here…

Date Idea #5: Smell the Teen Spirit and Head to A Nearby Arcade

Arcades are still around. They may not be the thriving, happy places of the 1980s anymore, but a fun date with your wife there can bring back some of those memories.

Arcades are great for cheap-lazy-bastard husbands for two reasons:

  1. They’re relatively cheap
  2. You’re playing video games

Assuming you can play some games that you’re wife actually likes (Dance, Dance Revolution is a classic), you should have this one in the bag.

108 More Fun, Creative, Easy, and Cheap Date Ideas For Lazy Husbands

1. Challenge each other to a “Chopped” competition
2. Do a “Skype” double date with friends across the country
3. Game night with something on the line for loser
4. Go on a five-dollar date anywhere
5. Take a mini-road trip to a destination within two hours of your home
6. Re-arrange your furniture
7. Use Kayak.com/explore to book a cheap flight anywhere
8. Teach and be taught about something each of you is good at
9. Have a drive in movie night with your laptop
10. Watch the very first movie you watched together, again
11. Wander a used book store and read poetry to each other
12. Play marriage-themed Pictionary or charades
13. Find a local farm on pickyourown.org and pick some berries together
14. Go to a local community theater and watch a performance
15. Take YouTube dance lessons
16. Play Wii together
17. Go to a flea market and compete for best nostalgic 90s buy
18. Head to an open house
19. Create a treasure hunt (with clues) for your spouse
20. Go to a local-ish amusement park
21. Try to find and appreciate the worst tourist attractions in your town
22. Watch the airplanes take off and land at your local airport
23. Adopt an accent for whatever date you go on
24. Head to a local improv show
25. Go on a lunch date to an outdoor café rather than dinner
26. Volunteer somewhere together
27. Make a nostalgic Spotify playlist
28. Go to a playground and play hide and seek
29. Try to break a record on guinnessworldrecords.com
30. Visit a college campus and pretend to be students
31. Have a sandcastle competition
32. Play strip chess
33. Find a local ghost hunting group and go ghost hunting
34. Bring a tablecloth and romantic candle to a fast-food restaurant
35. Write uplifting notes to people and put them in public places.
36. Head to a car show together
37. List 100 little things that make you happy. Check off as many as you can.
38. Renew your vows (in secret) together
39. Hit balls at the driving range
40. Go canoeing together
41. Play on a rec league team together
42. Write a song together
43. Go Geocaching
44. Prank a friend or neighbor together
45. Head to the Zoo
46. Watch an old movie. Then watch its contemporary remake.
47. Play dodge ball in the living room
48. Plant a guerilla garden
49. Write a message on a piece of scrap wood and throw it in a body of water
50. Start a monthly win tally for your favorite board game
51. Make a bird feeder for your yard together
52. Create a care package for a friend or family member
53. Buy cheap tickets to an amateur local sporting event
54. Have a cheap Sundae by foraging for bulk bin toppings
55. Cook up some comfort food or your favorite childhood recipes
56. Put together a Go-Bag or Survival kit to prepare for a zombie apocalypse
57. Plan a date using only coupon sites like Groupon
58. Take dancing lessons together
59. Take a self-guided phone photography tour of your city or neighborhood
60. Play Monopoly all the way through
61. Tour your childhood hangouts together
62. Get a cheap kiddie pool and create a kiddie pool spa night
63. Audit a community college class together
64. Pick a new restaurant or one you wouldn’t normally visit
65. Buy a $20 blow up paddleboat and cruise a local body of water
66. Walk to dinner (no matter how far it is)
67. Make a time capsule of your year so far and bury it for the next 5 years
68. Pretend to be spies in a public place
69. Have a double date planning competition. Men vs. Women.
70. Go to Walmart and fill your cart. Then put it all away.
71. Play cards at the park
72. Create an at-home spa in your bedroom and give massages
73. Make your bedroom into a fancy hotel room and spend the night
74. Learn about edible wild plants and forage for dinner together
75. Make a Pinterest craft together
76. Paint each other’s portraits
77. Go bird-watching in your back yard or at a local park
78. Play bingo at a local lodge or neighborhood association
79. Visit a separate restaurant for each course of your dinner
80. Play “Bigger, Better” together
81. Have a water gun and/or water balloon war
82. Tour your local plant nursery
83. Camp out in the back yard
84. Go on a double date with an older/younger couple
85. Restore a piece of thrift store furniture
86. Build a fire outside together
87. Act out a script from your favorite TV show
88. Recreate your first date down to the last detail
89. Dress up like you’re rich and test drive sports cars at a local dealer
90. Take the bus somewhere new or ride it to the end of the line
91. Check a small item off your bucket list
92. Make homemade ice cream together
93. Find a way to spend all your spare change
94. Pretend you’re 17 together and do what you would have done back then
95. Have a mini Christmas (any time of year)
96. Play YouTube karaoke
97. Go through your photos and talk about your memories together
98. Buy lottery tickets together and plan what to do with the winnings
99. Create a backyard restaurant
100. Get up early Saturday and go to as many yard-sales as you can
101. Go for a walk. At every corner, flip a penny to see which way you go
102. Go for a tandem bike ride
103. Watch a moon rise
104. Have a travel destination-themed movie night
105. Host a dance party with just the two of you or invite your friends
106. Go to the library and read children’s books to each other
107. Take a virtual tour of the world with “Google Earth” or “360 Cities”
108. Get really dressed up and go on any of the dates in this list

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