The 7 Most Irresistable Cat Calendars of All Time

Cats are aloof, insensitive, and incredibly cute. All factors that make them irresistible to women who happen to be angry with us. With that in mind, here are the 8 most irresistible cat calendars of all time.

1. Cats of 1986 Wall Calendar

The cats of 1986 Wall Calendar series comes around every year. The 2017 calendar includes classic themes like:

  • Rollerskating at the beach
  • Hanging at the mall
  • Getting Fuzzical in Jane Fonda workout attire
  • and more…
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2. The 2015 Sophos IT Cat Calendar

It’s out of print now, but when it hit, the Sophos IT Cat Calendar was a huge hit. It featured cats acting out hilarious IT scenarios, and even had cat-specific holidays like “Catnip Addiction Awareness Week.”

But the best part, according to Reddit user sleeplessone was the return label:

“While we couldn’t find where to buy one, Sophos does have a new calendar for sale this year. And their shop promo video is worth a watch…

3. Grumpy Cat Calendar

This is a classic cat calendar, but it still doesn’t get old. The grumpy cat calendar features the one face of grumpy cat over and over with different memes for every month.

  • “Laughter is the worst medicine”
  • “Think negative”
  • “Follow your nightmares”
  • and more…
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4. Cat-a-Day Calendar

The Cat-a-Day calendar is a classic. It’s pretty conventional, but every once in a while, there’s a great quote thrown it for good measure. It made the list for this post we found on Reddit.

So, I peeked a bit ahead in my cat-a-day calendar…
by u/littlebeanonwheels in childfree

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5. Russian Orthodox Priests Hold Cats Calendar

This one is a little out of left field, but it’s irresistible nonetheless. As the article that uncovered this calendar states:

A dozen Orthodox clerics posed with their cats for a new 2016 wall calendar dubbed simply “Priest and Cats” — “Pop & Kot” in


It’s out of print but here’s the original story. Hopefully, they do another one.

6. Highly Professional Business Cats

The highly professional business cats calendar is exactly what it sounds like. Pictures of cats dressed up like professional business people. Our favorite is the extremely bored-looking one in the top left of the image below.

Check out the business cats calendar here.

6. Motorcycle Cat Calendar

Here’s another one out of Russia. This time, instead of priests, it’s motorcycles. Pretty irresistible if you ask me.

SV650 Cat Calendar (in russian.)

7. This awesome home-made ninja cat calendar

The story behind this one is just as good as the month images themselves. A flippant joke between two co-workers turned into one of the most irresistible cat calendars of all time.

So yesterday the copy manager where I work emailed everyone asking about calendar orders for 2013. I emailed her back saying I needed one of cats doing karate. Found this in my chair this morning…

Did we miss a cat calendar that you love? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list!



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