112+ Creative Date Ideas For Cheap, Lazy, Husbands

5 easy date ideas

Inside every loving husband is a cheap, lazy bastard. Some husbands let him out more often than others. But no matter where he pops up, the lazy bastard inside can wreak havoc on even the healthiest marriages. I’m speaking from experience here, so please don’t feel any judgement on my end. The best husbands over-correct … Read more

These 14 Swear-Word Adult Coloring Books Make Perfect Gifts For Wives Who Need to Chill Out

Adult coloring is really relaxing. But then so is spewing out obscene language. Both are very effective at releasing anger in productive, non-violent ways.  Perfect for angry wives. These books combine the two activities. Here’s 14 adult coloring books that bring out your wife’s inner artist and sailor. 1. Fucksicles Most promising review by D. Rosenberg: I … Read more